What Is Roof Maxx?

Roof Maxx is an innovative technology offering an affordable solution to shingle roof maintenance. It is a spray-on treatment that literally adds years of life to shingles by restoring their flexibility & waterproofing protection. It is a safe, all-natural food-grade product that is 100% safe for people, animals, property & the environment.

This product offers five key benefits:

  1. Flexible Shingles – able to move with the wind & rain without breaking
  2. Increased Granule Adhesion – no more shingle granules washing off of your roof into your gutters & onto your lawns
  3. Shingle Permeability – restoring your shingles closer to the health of brand new shingles
  4. Hail Resistance – a decrease in hail damage by about 24%
  5. Neutral to Flames – this product does not increase fire risk or the spread of flames
Roof Maxx OSU Technical Report

Roof Maxx is “The Fountain of Youth for Your Old Roof”

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How does Roof Maxx work?

When shingles are made, they have a petro-chemical oil in them that provides the flexibility & waterproofing you expect from your roof. Over time, these oils in your roof dry out – leaving your shingles brittle & susceptible to cracking. This is part of a roof’s natural aging process. The Roof Maxx product (derived from soybean oil) is sprayed onto your entire roof. It quickly soaks into the shingles – rejuvenating the lost oils & restoring your roof for a guaranteed five years!

Why Should I Choose Roof Maxx For Shingle Maintenance?

Whether your roof is at the end of its life or just starting to see signs of aging, you should consider Roof Maxx. This product has been proven to extend the life of 30-year-old shingles for up to 15 years! It comes with a 5-year warranty that is attached to your address (so if you sell your home, you don’t have to hassle with a warranty transfer). The product is easy to apply, is safe for your home & family, & can delay an expensive roof replacement for years.

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