Low Slope Residential Roofing Options

If you have a low slope roof, also called low rise or low pitch, you are already too familiar with the problems they present. Calling a roofing company often results in the extra headache of calling again, way too soon, to have it repaired…again. More gooey, sticky, stinky substance added, flashing repaired or resealed; you know the drill.

However, we’ve got good news that’s almost too good to be believable. If it wasn’t for our leak free guarantee, many years experience, and hundreds of customers who will vouch for us, you might be tempted to think we’re being over confident.

Low Slope Roofing Benefits:

  • It’s rubber, not asphalt—less prone to crack and crumble
  • Stands up to Michigan weather and temperature extremes
  • No stinky solvent based adhesives
  • Inherent hail and fire resistance
  • Environmentally friendly—made from recycled car tires
  • Does not contaminate water runoff
  • Even has some insulating properties to reduce energy bills

Our solution is installed in one third the time while saving you money.

These otherwise troublesome roofs are a specialty of ours. Get an estimate from the company that you only need to call once. Of course, if you want to call again to thank us or provide a referral, we truly appreciate that.

What are Low Slope Roofs?

  • Does not have enough pitch to install shingles
  • Often installed on Additions, Sun Rooms, tricky roof area’s
  • Self Adhere 2 part roof solution guarantee for 12 years
  • Many colors to match the shingles on your home
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