Designer Shingle Roofing

It won’t come as a surprise to you that not all designer shingles are created equal, but when you choose StormMaster® Shake shingle you’re getting more than just a high quality roof- you are getting peace of mind. We believe that this could be the last roof you will ever have to install.

Your Shingles Should Weather Any Storm

Atlas StormMaster® Shake Featuring Scotchgard™ designer shingles feature built-in algae resistance, resilience that is unmatched and aesthetics that can’t be beat. The “Cadillac of shingles,” the StormMaster® Shake shingle is class 4 impact-resistant and built to handle hail, 130 mph winds and the test of time. With nothing comparable on the market, we stand behind these shingles (and our installation) with our leak free guarantee.

What are Designer Shingles?

  • Larger size
  • Heavier Weight
  • Withstands heavy storms
  • Curb appeal and distinction of designer shingles are unmatched
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Designer shingles can create the look of:

  • Natural slate
  • Cedar
  • Country villa
  • Prestigious old world estate
  • And so much more

The beauty, curb appeal, and distinction of designer shingles is unmatched and will be there to remind you of your investment every time you or your guests pull up to your home. Because of the longevity, this distinction is even better than the prestigious appearances that the shingle designs are made to mimic.

Request a free consultation where we can show you the various styles and colors. But it doesn’t end there. We’ll help you choose based on other important variables such as differences in longevity, energy efficiency, material price and labor cost differences, even environmental friendliness.

leak free designer shingles