A Message From the Owner:

We’re living in crazy days right now. Things have gotten much more complicated and confusing and navigating these murky waters will be tough. However, we’re still open and here to help. After all, a leaky roof will make it hard to stay home and be comfortable!

During this time of uncertainty, we are here to provide you with the essential service of taking care of your roof and home. Your home is important, and keeping the roof over your head in good condition gives you one less thing to worry about. We will take every necessary precaution to keep you and your family, as well as our employees and our families, safe. Having a virtual consultation is one of the many ways we are adapting to these unfamiliar times.

Set up

Contact Free Inspection

Create a

Screenshare to go over Proposal


Our Process:

1. Set Up a Consultation

  • Contact us and choose to set up a virtual or in-person consultation.

2. Have Your Consultation 

Virtual Consultation

  • We will do a contact free roof inspection. 
  • Video Meeting
    • We will meet over video and go over the details of the project.
      • Your desired designs (material type, style, colors, etc.)
      • Our process for the project

In-person Consultation

  • Meet In-person
    • We will meet and go over the project details.
    • We’ll also get better acquainted with your home and the scope of the project.
    • Any specific design ideas, colors, or other important details will be noted and incorporated into the project.

3. Proposal 

  • Proposal Draw-up
    • We’ll create a proposal based on the specifications of the project.
  • Proposal Assessment
    • We will meet either over video or in-person and explain the details of the proposal and what’s included.
      • Design Specifications
      • Pricing
    • If we’re meeting over video, we’ll send you a digital contract of the proposal.
    • Once signed, we’ll set up the dates and move forward with the installation.

4. Installation

  • Our team will come out to your home and perform the installation. 
    • While we’re there, we will be sure to take all necessary precautions to help protect your family and ours from COVID-19.
    • The job site will be cleaned up and we’ll leave as little sign as possible we were there.

5. Lasting Results

  • No more need to worry about your roof leaks or any disrepair. Your roof will be back in the best shape and provide lasting protection for your family.
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