Theresa’s Story – A New Roof

Victors Roofing Pay It Forward - Free Roof Campaign


Theresa had been living in her home since 1988. She was in desperate need of a new roof but was not in the financial position to make that happen. When the team at Victor’s Roofing heard about her, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to serve a wonderful woman in their community. They scheduled an ordinary roof inspection with her, but when the team showed up, they announced to her that she would be getting a brand new roof (materials and labor) for free. “Thank you, Jesus!” were her only words. The crew at Victor’s roofing felt as blessed serving Theresa as she did receiving a new roof!


No Roof Left Behind – Susan’s Story

Susan is a single mother of three after being recently widowed. Maintaining her home became a bigger challenge without her husband to help. Susan’s mother nominated her for the No Roof Left Behind program, where the applicant that receives the most votes online receives a brand new roof. Susan was shocked and thrilled when the Victor’s Roofing team showed up at her door to tell her she would be getting a brand new roof. Not only did they give her a roof, but they threw a big party for all of her friends and neighbors to celebrate this occasion with her. When Victor’s team was done, Susan felt like she was a part of the Victor’s Roofing family. Victor’s was thrilled to provide her and her children with a free roof and blessed to add her into their family.