3-tab VS Architectural Shingles

3-tab and architectural shingles are the most common shingles used by Americans on their roofs today. 3-tab shingles are sometimes called strip shingles because they are cut out of a continuous strip at the factory then cut in 12-inch increments. Architectural shingles, on the other hand, are sometimes called laminated shingles. They are laminated strips [...]

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3 Reasons To Get A Roof Inspection This Fall

The roof isn’t always something you think about–until it starts leaking and causing you issues. But when you live in Michigan, the roof is your first line of defense against the cold, snowy conditions that are bound to be on their way this winter. Instead of hoping for the best, get a roof inspection during [...]

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Protect Your Roof From Algae With Atlas Shingles

Algae on rooftops is a fact of life in certain humid climates. It grows organically as a thin film, but can be removed easily with water. Moss is a bit thicker but can be removed with the right substances. Here are proactive ways to prevent the growth of algae, moss and mold and determine whether [...]

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home With Designer Shingles

  When you are ready to upgrade to a new and improved roof or if you are in need of shingle roof replacement, consider using designer shingles. In the past, the options available for your roof were limited to plain asphalt shingles along with other roofing materials. Designer shingles from manufacturers such as Atlas StormMaster [...]

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Can My Roof Repair Wait?

Suppose your tub spigot and bathroom sink faucet both leak at a rate of ten drops a minute. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, your home is wasting about 694 gallons of water a year. Knowing that, you would hire a plumber to repair the leaky taps, right? But suppose it is your roof that [...]

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3 Ways to Prep Your Home for Winter

  Winters in Michigan can be unpredictable, so it’s vital to get your home prepared so your family stays safe and comfortable, and you avoid unnecessarily high energy bills. Taking the following smart steps now can also help limit the damaging effects of snow, ice, freezing rain, bitter winds and thermal shock from temperature fluctuations, [...]

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How Attic Insulation Extends the Life of Your Roof

  The energy-saving benefits of having a well-insulated attic are common knowledge today, but did you know that sufficient attic insulation can also help extend the life of your roof? Learning what happens when the attic isn’t insulated can help you understand how having adequate insulation can protect and preserve your roof and the structural [...]

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