2 Reasons Why Gutter Guards Cause Your Roof Leak

Cleaning your home’s gutters is a necessity for preventing roof and water leaks but not necessarily a favorite task of homeowners. Gutter Guards are designed, in part, to make cleanup easier, can lessen the workload for homeowners faced with gutters filled with leaves and other debris. But are gutter guards all they’re cracked up to [...]

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Why Seamless Gutters Are Worth Your Investment

If it’s time to replace the gutters on your home then you should consider a more modern approach – namely, seamless gutters. What are seamless gutters? Unlike older, sectional gutters, seamless gutters come in one piece of aluminum rather than in multiple sections. They also come with several advantages. […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Gutter Is Overflowing

Do you dread every rain shower which comes through? The water simply pours over the edge of the gutter, leaving pits in the yard and water flowing everywhere. When your gutter is overflowing, there is definitely something wrong. Let’s look at what might be causing the overflow. […]

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How Seamless Gutters Attach to Your Home

Seamless gutters are just what they sound like–gutter systems without seams! And they have a lot of benefits over standard gutters. To begin with, no seams mean no leaks. Water is carried away from the house without any water leaking out and infiltrating the foundation area of your home. The seamless systems are strong and [...]

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Understanding Your Roofing System – Gutters

When it comes to your roof, don’t overlook how important your gutter system is. Your gutters play a big part in protecting not just your roof, but your home, from potentially serious water damage. It’s why you should never cut costs by installing a cheap gutter system and why you should always spring for seamless [...]

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April Showers Bring Free Gutters From Victors Roofing

Michigan is known for being a rainy state and receives, on average, 30 inches of rain a year. April wields much of that rain and while it does wonders for the May flowers, it can do just as many bad things to homes with poor roof and gutter systems. […]

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Why Seamless Gutters will Save Your Home For Years

Canton gets an average of 44 inches of snow a year. This is 18 inches more than the average U.S. city, says Sperling’s Best Places. Add nearly three feet of rain annually, and you have plenty of reasons to ensure your home has great gutters. Seamless gutters can save your home, from the foundation up [...]

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