Once upon a time, American homeowners counted on local builders and contractors to perform repair and maintenance on their homes. They utilized the experiences of friends and family to steer them to businesses they could trust. No business stayed in operation long that didn’t deliver the work they promised. Unfortunately, times have changed and small, community-based contractors are often overshadowed by faceless, national corporations based thousands of miles away. These operations lure residents in with the promise of cheap work, only to disappear once they decide the job is finished.

Fortunately, residents of Ann Arbor and other southeast Michigan communities can still count on a local contractor for their shingle roofing installation and repair needs. Victors Roofing takes pride in providing homeowners with the service they deserve and stand by the work after the job is complete. Here are some reasons you should call Victors Roofing for your roofing needs.


Before you spring for costly repairs, you want to be sure a contractor can provide what is promised. Researching our reputation is as easy as asking a neighbor or phoning a local friend. A local business’s reputation spreads quickly, and problems don’t go unnoticed.

Local Knowledge

Many construction factors depend on local climate, laws and regulations. An economical roof that works great in one location might not be the best choice for Michigan’s climate. In some cases, local building ordinances might even prohibit certain materials and techniques. By using a local contractor like Victors Roofing, you can avoid the potential problems of dealing with national builders unfamiliar our area.

Follow-up Service

Once we install or repair your home’s shingle roofing, maintenance and periodic repairs are easy. Our familiarity with your home and similar area homes makes repairs simpler, faster and more economical. And of course, we stand by our work and will ensure the job is done right and to your satisfaction.


If you’re looking for the peace of mind that comes from a locally-known and trusted contractor, call us here at Victors Roofing for all your roofing needs. You’ll receive the attention and respect that only comes from a neighbor who understands your needs and concerns.