A big part of homeownership is spending your time and money wisely. Should you get worked up over toilet paper: over or under? (Over, says science.) How about crunchy or smooth peanut butter? (We’re staying out of that one.) Does shingle color matter? Yes, for many practical reasons!

Standing Out

Shingle color can make an enormous difference in how your home appears from the street; curb appeal really matters, especially at resale time. 

Outdated, clashing shingle colors can be a buyer’s turnoff, while a harmonious color that works with your siding color and surroundings can make your house stand out in a buyer’s market. 

Fitting In 

You may need to select a shingle color to comply with rules promulgated by your Homeowners’ Association (HOA). The governing board may have a small selection of approved colors, generally in earth tones and neutrals, so the entire community has a pleasing uniformity.

Options Available

Exterior decorating — the fine art and science of selecting textures, materials, and colors for your home’s many outside elements — is critical to updating your southeast Michigan home. Many aspects need to be considered:

  • Surrounding trees and shrubs
  • Siding color
  • Trim color
  • Shutters and window colors
  • Hardscaping
  • Roof

Your shingle color can either blend with or complement your siding color. Most homeowners use trim color as a bright accent, with shingles taking a secondary role as a neutral. The siding color occupies center stage.

You can use any of several color schemes for trim, siding, and shingle colors:

  1. Complementary — Choose colors that are opposites on the color wheel.
  2. Split Complementary — Three colors — the primary color and colors from either side of its complement.
  3. Analogous — The primary color and the colors from either side of it on the color wheel.
  4. Triad — Three colors from points equally spaced on the color wheel.

Consider This

Work with your roofer to consider all the variables in your shingle color selection:

  • Architectural style — Your house’s design dictates cut, color, and style of shingles.
  • Energy efficiency — lighter colors reflect heat well.
  • Habitat — Wooded property? Consider woodsy tones.
  • Sun angle — How will sunlight hit the roof throughout the year?

Before you choose a shingle color, choose the best roofing contractor in southeast Michigan. Contact us today at Victors Roofing. We can help you select the ideal design and color of fiberglass asphalt shingle to suit your home. We have solutions for all your roofing needs.