Whether you’ve considered replacing your aging roof, or you’re in a repair-or-replace dilemma, deciding when a residential roofing replacement is due isn’t always clear. Is sooner rather than later better, or should you try to get a few more years out of your roof? If any of this sounds familiar, consider the following questions to help you clarify if it’s time for a new roof.

Due to age, wear and expiring warranty, should the roof be replaced in under five years anyway?

Age is an important factor when weighing to repair or replace your roof. Roof maintenance is a correlating factor, with age, to determine if your roof is worth repairing. For example, an older roof that has been well cared for could actually be in better condition than a much younger neglected roof.

Another age consideration is the warranty. Is there one, and how much time is left on the warranty? If your roof is older, facing a costly repair and little or no time left on the warranty, strongly consider replacing your roof.

Is the estimated roof repair one-third or more than the estimated roof replacement cost?

Generally speaking, the larger portion of the expense for a roof repair or typical roof replacement is the labor cost. So, a “minor” roof repair — not that any repairs are minor — simply means it doesn’t take as long to fix and/or fewer roofers are involved in the repair than the cost of a “major” repair or roof replacement.

The point is, if your roof has sustained a substantial amount of damage that warrants an expensive repair that’s one-third or more of the replacement cost, strongly consider replacing your roof.

Do the gutters need to be repaired or replaced, too?

Your gutter system isn’t an afterthought to your roofing system. It is an important partner in protecting your roofing materials and the foundation of your home. Moreover, replacing your gutters is a major expense.

What is the condition of your gutters? Are there leaks, rust or sagging? Could your gutters use fresh paint?

Replacing your gutters at the same time as your roof is ideal. If your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, strongly consider a roof and gutter replacement.

For clarification about repairs vs. replacement for residential roofing for your Southeast Michigan home, contact Victors Roofing today.

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