There are many telltale signs that roof repair is needed, but without being able to inspect your roof properly by yourself, how do you really know? Usually, roofing companies will perform an inspection for free, tell you what is wrong (if anything is actually wrong), and give you an action plan for how and when it should be fixed.

Know What The Problems Are

It is possible for you to do an inspection from the ground. Take a pair of binoculars and walk around the edge of your home, looking out for any of these problems:

  • Missing shingles – An overabundance of missing shingles will lead to a leaky roof. With nothing covering your roof, water can be easily get into your roof deck.
    Curling, broken, and cracked shingles – Similar to missing shingles, damaged shingles will allow leaks to form, even if your shingles are still intact.
  • Sagging roof valleys – If the valley of your roof is noticeably sagging, it is an important sign that you need major roof repair, or even a complete roof replacement. Discuss your options with a trusted, Canton roofing contractor.
  • Leaks – A leaky roof will definitely require some attention as soon as possible, to avoid paying for a roof replacement. Leaks can cause irreversible water damage to your roof’s underlayment, and the inside of your home, and your possessions.

Old Age

Problems such as these are quite common with older roofs, especially shingle roofs that are over 20 years old. After having your roof for 5 years, you should start scheduling biannual inspections, and inspections after powerful storms have hit.

Replace or Repair a Roof?

Sometimes, getting a new roof will be less expensive in the long run. How long would you have to completely neglect your roof for a roof replacement to be necessary? Usually, if your roof has been disregarded for over 10 years, calling in a roofing contractor to assess the damage will be your best bet.

Connect with your local roofing contractor to talk over the pros and cons of roof repair, and whether or not it’s necessary for you. Victors Roofing of Canton, Michigan can help determine the extent of your roof repair. Call us today for a free estimate!

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