At our latitudes, our beautiful earth has four seasons. Can you tell which of them — spring, summer, fall, winter — is also gutter cleaning season? 

Spring Ahead

When is gutter cleaning season? Spring is one of the two times in the year when your Michigan home’s gutters will benefit from a thorough cleaning. Think about it: when do we get a lot of wind and rain? Springtime. Nature is bursting with new growth and shedding the last vestiges of old growth. Leaves, pine needles, and small twigs tend to get stirred up, fly around and gather in gutters. 

Heavy branches that just barely made their way through winter might finally fall during windy spring days, and these branches can not only clog gutters but damage them, too.  

Safety Is Always in Season

Of course, no Michigan homeowner should risk life and limb to clean gutters. As roofers, we strongly advise that no homeowner should go out on any home’s roof, whether a one-story ranch or a three-story Victorian. The same is true for gutters. If you cannot safely reach your home’s gutters from a short extension ladder, hire professionals to service them. 

Safety is always in season, and gutters (part of your home’s roofing system) are best cleaned and maintained by professionals. Avoid slips, falls, missed work, expensive medical bills, and all the aches and pains of the process by contacting your local, dependable gutter experts. 

Don’t Fall Behind

The other perfect season for getting your Canton-area home’s gutters clean and free of debris is autumn. In the fall, we see leaves and needles dropping almost constantly. September through late November is a great time for gutter cleaning, allowing you can keep ahead of the dried leaves, brittle branches, and other falling yard litter. 

A late-fall cleanout also prepares your gutters for winter’s dropping temperatures, preventing the debris from freezing in the gutter. Once frozen, that muck and mess will be very hard to clean out. The autumn cleaning also reduces the amount of work you or your gutter cleaning service will face in spring. 

When is gutter cleaning season? How expensive are seamless gutters? Do my gutters need covers? Contact Victors Roofing to get answers on all your questions about your home’s gutters and still have time for all the fun the spring and fall offer.