Replacing your shingle roof requires planning, attention to detail and substantial expense. When you consider that your roof plays a key role in protecting everything and everyone inside your home, the extra time and effort you invest will pay off. Keep reading to gain a clearer picture of what to expect before, during and after your shingle roof replacement project.

Select a Qualified Roofing Company

A shingle roof replacement is not a do-it-yourself project. Roofing is a dangerous occupation and should only be undertaken by trustworthy professionals. In fact, the roofing contractor you choose is the most important decision you will make for the entire project. Here are great reasons why.

  • A fully insured, bonded and licensed roofing contractor accepts and understands the responsibilities and liabilities of the project. Should something go wrong, such as a work injury, your contractor has you covered.
  • Your roof protects your most valuable asset — your home and everything inside. You want it built to last.
  • A reputable contractor guarantees and stands behind their work. If your contractor isn’t willing to do so, look for a different contractor.
  • A knowledgeable contractor can conduct a cost analysis of your options to show you the true long-term costs (and savings) of different roofing materials.

Out With the Old!

Some roofing contractors may tell you that it is perfectly fine to leave your old shingles on your home and just install the roof replacement over them. This is absolutely false! You must remove your old shingles to fully inspect the decking. By simply installing new shingles on top of the old, you may be putting a band-aid on a serious problem. Any contractor who tries to get your business by telling you differently is wrong.

Timing is Everything

Once you have selected a reputable contractor and you have read, understand and signed the contract, all you have to do is wait excitedly for your new roof, right? Not so fast. Like many things in life, timing is everything. Try to plan your project during times of the year with more favorable weather. Ask your contractor about their process in the event of sudden foul weather. Be prepared and enjoy your new roof!

If you want the best shingle roof replacement for your Southeast Michigan home, contact Victors Roofing today! Your dedicated project manager will work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction from start to finish.

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