First of all, surprises are very rare. After more than a decade of full time roofing, we can usually identify trouble in advance and accurately predict what to expect. The inspection of your roof before providing a proposal is quite extensive and includes an attic inspection whenever possible. Attic inspections are very telling. If there is any mold or delaminated plywood under your shingles, the evidence is usually seen in your attic.

Another thing we automatically account for is up to four sheets of OSB roof decking. Areas such vents and chimneys typically need wood replacement. Since this is normal it is included in every roofing proposal. If more than four sheets are required, you will be advised and provided with pictures of the damaged area and wood replacement.

In the unlikely event that unforeseen discoveries are made during the roofing project, it still won’t be a total surprise because we will include a worst case scenario price on complete decking replacement costs in your proposal. You’ll know in advance what the maximum price could be.