This question is among the most important you could ask or wonder about. Proper ventilation has numerous benefits and solves multiple problems. It saves you money on your heating and cooling bills, extends the life of your roofing, and even protects your health by preventing mold that would otherwise form in your attic and under your shingles.

Let’s start with the heat factor. A 90° summer day does not equal a 90° attic but a 140° attic without proper ventilation. This doesn’t just escalate your cooling bills, imagine the stress placed on your asphalt roofing shingles which will buckle and fail prematurely. Proper ventilation is your solution to this problem.

Just like the excessive heat creates problems, so does the cold without good ventilation. The interaction between the cold outside and the heating inside your home creates the perfect formula for condensation unless proper ventilation is used to cancel out this issue.

Condensation creates two major problems: first, it swells your roof decking to create a wavy roof surface and degrade the shingles; second, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Every roofing job we do addresses the ventilation issue because it is so important. When we assess your roof, you will be advised of any issues and how we will correct them. If you are reading this outside of our service area, be sure that your roofer is discussing both intake and exhaust to deal with proper ventilation.

You should have soffit vents underneath your overhangs. Fresh air from these vents pushes hot air to the top of your roof space where it is exhausted or expelled through box vents or ridge vents on your roof. We’ll discuss the difference between these two vents and which you should be using in the next post.