In theory, roofing shingles can be installed in any weather. Considering the variety of weather in Southeast Michigan and the fact that not every day is the ideal temperature, that’s good news. There’s no denying that warm temperatures are best, so extra care and precautions must be taken in much of our Michigan weather.

On the balmy warm and sunny days common in spring, fall, and parts of our summers, shingles seal to each other right away. As the temperatures climb higher with intense sun and humidity, extra care is required to avoid scarring during the installation. When the temperatures drop, the shingles become stiff and extra careful nail placement is required. Winter installs usually have a few shingles that don’t lay completely flat until spring but this does not hinder performance.

That brings us to the most common concern, those rainy days we get plenty of. Those shiny blue tarps we have plenty of are our friends. Our crews work a tighter assembly line like formation making sure no more than one section of your roof is exposed to the elements at any given, and brief, time.

Michigan hands out a vast variety of weather for sure, but very little of it actually prevents us from being able to work on your roof. Of course, once your roof is done, you’ll have even less worries about the weather.