The two most common questions we get about permits for a roofing project are:

  1. Will I need a building permit for a new roof?
  2. If so, who will be pulling the permit?

Let’s proceed to answer those questions.

Will I need a building permit for a new roof?

The short answer is most likely. Our average is about 80% of the time a permit is required. To answer definitively, it depends on the city or township of your home. We can however simplify it for you. If required, it will be part of your proposal automatically when we quote your roof. You’ll never have to worry about hidden charges but we can’t promise the same thing with other roofers.

Even though you won’t have to worry about the process, here are a few bits of information you may be interested in knowing about. Most municipalities require a final inspection which we will make you aware of in advance of doing your project. Sometimes, an “open roof inspection” is also required to assure proper compliance under your shingles.

No matter what kind of permits and inspections are required, Victors Roofing will have you breathing a sigh of relief you won’t have to be concerned about it.

Who will be pulling any required permit?

We take care of all permits and arrange any necessary inspections. While we no longer include the permit costs in our estimate due to the large variability of permit costs in the area, we will go over any additional costs incurred by the permits with you. Not only do we have great working relationships with the permit authorities, we are experienced and familiar with pulling permits-less stress for you!