Victors Roofing prides itself on high quality workmanship and our 12 year workmanship guarantee.  Today we’d like to look into the facts about roofing warranties – and whether they live up to our expectations.

What Do We Usually Expect out of a Warranty?

A roofing warranty is not the same as homeowner’s insurance.  Rather, it is a simple guarantee that the product – or installation workmanship – is free from defect and will live up to its claims of durability and longevity.

Although there are different types of warranties, they increase or decrease in coverage by company and product type. Higher quality products often come with a higher-coverage warranty.

What Will My Warranty Cover?

There are many different warranties available from roofing manufacturers – all with different coverage options that vary by product and company.

The basic coverage of a warranty protects you against defective roofing materials. If the shingles on your roof fail from a manufacturing defect, the warranty will often cover the cost of new materials but not the cost of tear-off or installation.

Always read through the fine print of your warranty to determine what aspects of the roof are covered, and what can void the coverage.

So…How Long Am I Covered For?

Roofing systems are subject to an incredible amount of wear and tear – especially in Michigan!  The oldest roof we’ve ever seen is 31 years.  That was incredible.

Realistically in our area, a good shingle roof lasts an average of 19-20 years.  If yours lasts 23 or 24 years, you are really getting a good deal.

When looking at warranty terms or product names, it is worth being aware that “lifetime” shingles don’t correspond to a human’s lifespan of 70-80 years.  Rather, the term is an indication of high quality and durability.

Manufacturer vs. Workmanship Warranty

Most reliable roofing contractors offer a workmanship warranty.  Keep in mind that this type of warranty is only as good as the roofer who offers it:

Over 80% of all the roofers you can choose from today will be out of business within five years.




Victor’s Roofing Offers a 12 year labor warranty.

Victors Roofing has become a household name in our region from our commitment to quality work and great customer service.

Within the first 12 years, we will service your roof (if we installed it) free of charge. This means that we take care of any repairs.  

If there’s problems at 13 years or onward, we will still take care of your roof, but will charge a small service .  

Imagine your roof as a car: it needs maintenance & love to get the most life out of it.  If there is any problem (maintenance/repairs) that is NOT from the shingles crumbling (which would be a manufacturing defect), then you get free 12 years of service, courtesy of Victors Roofing.  

As long as proven, reliable roofing products are being used, the main factor that determines the life of your roof is workmanship. The products themselves rarely fail. However, even the best products will fail due to inept installation.

Good roofing products are designed to last decades, so again, it’s the roofing contractor you choose that determines the difference.

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