Homeowners may find difficulty deciding between upgrading gutters and focusing on other home improvements.

Installing seamless gutters is an economically-sound choice in the long run because it cuts down on future maintenance costs. Here are a few reasons why seamless gutters are a good investment.

What are Seamless Gutters?

Gutter technology has advanced to offer durable solutions that effectively drain water and ice from the roof, away from the home. Older gutters, known as sectional gutters, are constructed as a series of sections joined together. Seamless gutters are more modern because they are made of one piece of aluminum instead of multiple sections. The only joints in a seamless gutter are within corners.

A seamless gutter does not require as much maintenance as a traditional gutter. Due to the seamless nature of the material and design, less debris gets stuck in the drainage system on lips where traditional gutter sections would meet. Sectional gutters, on the other hand, are more prone to leaks at the joints, causing more clogging, which requires maintenance. Another advantage to a seamless gutter is that it has much greater aesthetic value than a sectional gutter.

Signs a Gutter Needs Replacing

Most modern roofs are designed to last a few decades, according to the National Association of Homebuilders. Copper gutters can last over twice as long. Here are some of the indicators that you need to replace your gutter with a new seamless gutter system:

  • cracks, holes or splits in the aluminum
  • development of rust and peeling paint
  • sagging gutters
  • broken fasteners and leaky joints
  • water and mildew near home’s foundation

Talking with an experienced roofing professional is the most effective way to begin the transition to a seamless gutter system. Trying to cut corners to find low-cost alternatives can lead to unpredictable and sometimes costly results. Neglecting gutter repair can lead to a variety of bigger problems, such as a flooded basement, damaged landscaping and potentially a new roof.

Contact Experienced Partners

Replacing your gutters is a big decision and you should only work with experienced experts to make sure the job is assessed and done properly. In order to maintain a healthy roof and gutters, you also need annual inspections. Contact us at Victors Roofing to learn more about how a seamless gutter can provide you with many years of savings and comfort.

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