When you are ready to upgrade to a new and improved roof or if you are in need of shingle roof replacement, consider using designer shingles. In the past, the options available for your roof were limited to plain asphalt shingles along with other roofing materials. Designer shingles from manufacturers such as Atlas StormMaster Shake are new and improved, offering an upgrade from the simple 3 tab shingles.  

Designer shingles differ from 3 tab shingles because manufacturers have the ability to make designer shingles resemble other types of high-quality roofing like slate or cedar. A 3 tab shingle is a cutout form shingle with tabs on the lower edge to create the illusion that it is three shingles. This allows them to be installed faster than custom cedar shakes or slate tiles, but also means that when one shingle gets compromised, there is a chance that a larger section of roof may have to be repaired. With designer shingles, your roof has many more options for style and color and the materials are stronger.

Here are the top three advantages to upgrading your roof with designer shingles:

1. Curb Appeal and Home Value

They will add value to your home and increase curb appeal. An upgrade to your roof will freshen up the look of your property. If you are considering selling your home or if you have damage that needs repair designer shingles will give you a stronger roof and protect your home from leaks or any further damage.

2. Designer shingles are available in many distinctive designs

When you look at a home, the roof ties the whole house together. With designer tiles, you will be able to pick the right color and style to fit your home. If you want a slate roof but do not want to pay for slate you can have the designer tiles installed to give your home the look of slate without the increased installation process.

3. Designer shingles offer algae resistance

The materials used to craft designer shingles are made to stand up to all types of weathering. They are also strong enough to withstand hail, high winds, and heavy snow.

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