What do you keep in your attic? For too many Lansing-area homeowners, they keep expensive, empty air up there. Without adequate attic insulation, you are paying good money to heat and cool empty space. Getting an insulation upgrade will pay many benefits.

Save Money

The federal Energy Star program points out that boosting your existing attic insulation can cut fuel and electricity costs. Even if you already have R25 or a higher R-value laid out between joists in your attic, adding another layer of R38 to R49 will cut energy costs without wasting money on useless insulation.
Energy Star goes on to say Lansing-area homeowners can save around 16 percent on heating and cooling costs through a full program of insulation and weatherstripping:

  • Air Sealing
  • Weatherstripping windows and doors
  • Adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists

Save Your Family

The never-ending battle of the thermostat is almost a rite of passage in Lansing homes. Someone is too cold and bumps up the wintertime heat. Someone is too hot and sends it back down. Attic insulation strategically placed at right angles to joists can reduce hot and cold pockets throughout your home, allowing everyone to feel more comfortable all year.

Ideally, your attic air temperature should be the same as the outside air — an untreated space. Cold in winter and warm in summer, your attic air must be separated by enough attic insulation to not rob your home and family of comfort they deserve.

Save Your Home

You extend the life of your roof and home’s wood structural members when you have sufficient attic insulation. Your roof undergoes less thermal stress from natural thermal expansion when temperatures of the underside of sheathing and exterior of your roof are equal.

By keeping attic air separate from the air in the occupied space, your home’s moisture levels are more carefully controlled, preventing issues like mold, mildew and pest invasion. A home with steady, evenly-regulated temperatures and humidity between 35 percent and 45 percent will last longer and provide a better living, says the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

If you are uncertain about your Lansing-area home’s attic insulation, a call to the professionals of Victors Roofing can relieve your concerns. We can assess your home’s insulation, make recommendations to improve energy efficiency without wasting money, and expertly install the right insulation, in the right spots. Please contact us today.

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