One of the most cost-effective gifts you can give your Canton-area home is proper attic insulation.

The heated and cooled air inside your home (treated air) moves by conduction up through your living space into your attic. Without adequate attic insulation, a significant amount of energy is lost. This means money wasted on high energy bills.

Attic Insulation Costs

Many insulation installers talk about “inches of insulation,” as if the sheer depth of insulation is enough to save you money. Costs for a quality insulation job may vary widely, ranging from $2.30 a square foot to $4.00 per square foot. Why the difference, and how do you know which is a bargain?

R-value is the industry shorthand for resistance value, how a material resists heat transfer. Insulation works not from the material itself, but from the amount of air trapped. Fiberglass insulation creates air pockets. Heat does not transfer well across air. Your Canton attic (ideally) stays roughly the same temperature as the outside air.

Instead of looking at an estimate and saying, “I’m getting six inches of insulation,” you should look for R-60 for total attic insulation. If you already have R-30, you need twice the resistance value (not necessarily twice the thickness).

Seal the Deal

Other factors affect an estimate. Air sealing in a particularly drafty attic is necessary to direct airflow. Some over-eager insulation companies cram insulation into the narrow ends of roofs, where the roof meets the eaves. Instead, these small spaces need baffles, which may add to installation costs. The secret is to direct airflow correctly, from eaves up to ridge vents or exhaust fans.

Access to your Canton home’s attic is also a cost factor. If you have a drop-down ladder in the garage, great; if a crew has to traipse through the living room to a small hallway access hatch and contort up into a low attic, costs are higher. A multi-gabled roof costs more than a simple ranch roof, for example.

Honest Value

Attic insulation adds value and comfort to any home. Properly installed, it pays for itself. Be wary of prospective insulation companies making exaggerated claims. Find an honest contractor who provides honest value.

For more help with your questions about insulation, roof repair, roof replacement, or gutters for your Canton-area home, please contact us at Victors Roofing. We can explain estimates, processes, and products in ways you will understand.

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