Revamping your attic insulation is not only an excellent way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and your family’s comfort, but it can prolong the life of your roof too. Once you decide it’s time to invest in re-insulating, it’s vital to hire a contractor who’s knowledgeable about attic insulation and how to install it properly. Here’s what you should expect your contractor to know:

All About R-Values

A true pro can explain about R-values and knows the Department of Energy’s (DOE) R-value recommendations for Southeast Michigan. Simply put, R-value is a measurement of how well a particular insulation resists the movement of heat energy, and the higher the value, the better the product’s performance. For homes in the Canton area, the DOE recommends installing R-49 to R-60 on the attic floor for optimal energy efficiency.

Augmenting Vs. Replacing Existing Insulation

A skilled insulation contractor can assess your attic and give you sound advice about whether any existing insulation needs to be removed or can be left in place. In many instances, it’s possible to measure the amount of existing insulation and cover it with new material to reach the target R-value. However, if your old insulation is compacted, damp or moldy, it should be removed and replaced.

Best Type of Attic Insulation

Experienced contractors have researched different types of attic insulation and know that blown-in products are the best choice to effectively insulate low areas like the eaves and around obstructions. Pros also know that fiberglass insulation doesn’t settle which preserves thermal performance over time.

Insulating Best Practices

A pro understands all the critical installation steps necessary for you to get the greatest benefit from insulating your attic, including:

  • Sealing air leak sources between the attic and your conditioned living space, such as around bypasses for wiring, pipes or the chimney, and the attic access hatch.
  • Checking for adequate intake and exhaust ventilation, adding more soffit and ridge vents if necessary, and installing baffles on the soffit vents to allow ample air circulation without disturbing the surrounding insulation.
  • Blowing the insulation in evenly over the entire attic floor to the correct height to achieve R-49/R-60.

To learn whether re-insulating the attic can boost efficiency and comfort and protect the roof on your Ann Arbor-area home, contact us at Victors Roofing to schedule a free assessment.