Bait and switch. False advertising. Flimsy warranties. The roofing industry is, sadly, a rich hunting ground for unscrupulous roofers. Finding an honest, transparent, local roofer comes as a relief to a local homeowner. How can you do it?

Demand Honesty

A roofing estimate should spell out all the details of a roofing job, from a small repair to a complete replacement:

  • Scope of work
  • Materials
  • Anticipated schedule
  • Financing terms

The estimate should be based on actual measurements of your home’s roof, not an over-the-phone ballpark figure. A totally transparent roofer, with nothing to hide, will be honest about the small markup that is profit, and the actual costs of the materials. Avoid a roofer inclined to offer unusual deals. You always pay for discounts, somewhere.

Honest roofing contractors remain in a community. They have no need to outrun their reputations. Look to a local, dependable roofer for your roofing work in southeast Michigan. That way, for follow-ups, annual inspection, or new work, you have a local, established roofer on call.

Demand Transparency

Transparency in roofing means every member of the contracting company is forthright:

  • The Sales Representative assesses the job accurately and provides a complete inspection of your roof
  • The Project Manager offers realistic timetables and updates you on progress
  • The roofing crew works efficiently, cleans up,
  • You receive photographs or video of the complete job, evidence of a roofing project done correctly, the first time

Some roofing work inevitably calls for callbacks — something was not quite right, you need something explained. These things happen. A roofing contractor operating in complete transparency will own the issue, respond promptly, and make it right.

Demand Evidence

A local roofer who practices transparent business methods will have no problem showing you some basic evidence:

  • A local, physical address (Victors Roofing is located at 5002 DeWitt Road in Canton)
  • A contractor license (Victors Roofing proudly holds license #2104196971)
  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • Liability insurance

Most roofers also have portfolios or galleries of completed work. Make certain the work is recent, similar to the job you need performed, and local. A drive-by view of other job sites lets you know that quality and transparency are more than just words for the roofer — you can see with your own eyes how good their work is.

Contact Victors Roofing today. We can assess your roofing work, explain everything, and offer you complete transparency in our estimates and work.