Anyone who lives in Michigan knows winter brings a new set of prep work to keep a house comfortable, warm and ready to take on the harsh winter elements. To ensure your home is ready for the cold time of the year, use the following winter maintenance tips.

1 – Clean your gutters

Bypass roof repair by cleaning out roof gutters and removing leaves and detritus from the roof prior to snow accumulation.

2 – Protect water pipes from freezing

Use heat tape for any exposed water tubing or pipes. Wrap the heat tape as directed in the instructions and keep them on for the cold months to prevent frozen pipes.

3 – Seal your windows

Seal any window that won’t be used during winter with window tape. Alternately, use clear plastic window coverings if the windows won’t be used and opened during the winter.

4 – Check external vents for your dryer

Check your dryer external vents to ensure they remain free of snow and ice. Clean out the dust and lint before the snow falls.

5 – Tighten door knobs and screws

Check all door knobs and tighten any loose screws or fixtures. As the cold weather comes, loose screws will get even more loose, so tighten them around December to keep them working.

6 – Inspect attic vents, if possible

Around December, head up into your attic or crawlspace and do a visual inspection of all gable vents and roof vents. Clean them of any build-up. While you are there it is also a good time to inspect your attic insulation.

7 – Clean up insects and hives

When cleaning gutters and inspecting vents, get rid of any nests and insect hives. Use a proper insect spray the area after removing hives to ensure any eggs are destroyed.

8 – Clean kitchen vents and garbage disposal

Do a complete kitchen inspection and clean-up. This includes heating vents, garbage disposals and hood filters over a range. Use a commercial degreaser to clean vents and hoods.

9 – Check your fire safety equipment

Fire safety equipment needs to be checked and this is a perfect time of year to check the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Replace batteries if necessary and take extinguishers in for recharging if necessary.

10 – Maintain your water softener

Check your water softener and add salt if necessary. Be sure the water softener is working and is ready for winter use.

Now that you have your list of winter prep chores, get at them to make your Michigan home toasty, cozy and warm for the winter.

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