When properly maintained, a roof can last for several decades. The following are the top 10 ways you can extend the life of your roof:

1. Choose a reliable, qualified roofer

When you have need shingle roof replacement or repairs done, it’s important to hire a reliable, qualified company to do the work. Look for a company that’s fully insured and ask about manufacturer certifications. These indicate professionalism and a commitment to their craft.

2. Keep the gutters clean

As leaves build up, gutters may become blocked. Water won’t be able to properly flow away from your roof and you could end up with damage to areas like the lower deckboard.

3. Remove leaves

Any accumulated leaves should be removed periodically.  Otherwise, they trap moisture and can cause minor damage to your roof.

4. Trim any overhanging branches

Overhanging limbs can break off and cause substantial damage to your roof. Branches also let small animals such as squirrels have easy access to your roof, where they can cause damage.

5. Keep an eye out for damage

Check your roof for damage periodically, especially after a hail or wind storm. Use binoculars to look for shingles that are loose, curling, or missing. Also, inspect the flashing around chimneys and vents.

6. Have your roof professionally inspected and repaired

Although you may be able to spot some obvious signs of damage yourself, a professional will know exactly what to look for. This can help catch small issues before they become a much more extensive – and expensive – problem that could require a shingle roof replacement..

7. Dislodge snow

If you a problem with ice building up on your roof, remove snow using a roof rake. Ice dams can prevent water from draining properly. It then backs up underneath your shingles, causing damage and possible leaks.

8. Maintain adequate insulation

Attic insulation not only helps save money on your power bills – it also helps your roof last longer. Without sufficient insulation, the air can become very hot, making your shingles decay more quickly.

9. Check your attic’s ventilation

Look at your attic’s vents that lead to the outside. Make sure they’re not blocked and are large enough to adequately vent the space. Proper ventilation will help protect your roof from moisture damage.

10. Keep it clean

Have your roof professionally power washed regularly to prevent the growth of moss and mold.

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