We are proud of our work at Victors Roofing and we give our clients a leak free guarantee good for 12 years. This comes with a free inspection after six years. The guarantee is for any work defects from our professional roof installers. Shingle roof replacement is free in the event of a leak.

Roofing should last 20 years if it is properly installed and maintained in this region. We recommend a roof inspection every five or six years in the Southeast Michigan area due to weather conditions. Ann Arbor, Canton and our neighboring communities get their share of snow, rain and wind that can damage shingles. Broken shingles can lead to leaking roofs.

Other warranties

The roofing products we use for shingle roof replacement and installation include the Victors Roof System® from CertainTeed. The CertainTeed Sure Start Plus™-4-Star comes with a 50 year non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty for their products. Victors Roofing is a CertainTeed Shingle Master™ for installing these roofing systems.

Several types of shingles are available with the Victors Roof System® and 50 year warranty. We install popular three-tab shingles, special architectural shingles and designer shingles. All installations come with our own leak free guarantee.

Architectural and designer shingles

The architectural shingles are often referred to as dimensional shingles. They look like wood although they are made from synthetic slate and other materials. They are heavier and require installers who have been trained by the manufacturer. The shingles we install are protected against algae and moss growth. They can even withstand winds up to 130 mph; not a problem in this area.

Architectural and special designers shingles will improve the value of your home. The type of shingle you select for replacement will depend on the design of your home.

Designer shingles can look like slate or cedar wood. They work well with larger homes in country and traditional styles.

Victors Roofing will also install shingle roof replacement for low slope roofing. We use rubber base shingles that do not crack and fall off. We work quickly and you have the same leak free guarantee. We also install seamless roof gutter systems. All of our work carries our leak free guarantee.

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