Most things in our lives are simple until we take a careful look. Then we find layers, complexities, and challenges we never knew existed. That’s true for roofs, too. What are the layers of your roof system, the ones you cannot see? 


Bountiful, beautiful blown-in insulation throughout your attic traps air and prevents your home’s treated air from escaping. Insulation forms a vital barrier between the untreated air (in your attic) and the air of your living space.

Good insulation is like money in the bank; the one-time investment pays off in lower energy bills for years to come. 


Insulation separates the air spaces, but ventilation moves the air in your attic. Soffit vents allow fresh air to enter and rise, and attic air to exit by ridge vents or gable vents.

Ventilation is an excellent way to control humidity levels. Without ventilation, your roof deck cannot “breathe” and humidity can ruin your attic and roof. 

Roof Deck

The roof deck is the two-part wooden support for your roof: 

  1. Rafters — Wooden supports running from walls to ridge
  2. Sheathing — Oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood sheets spanning the rafters

A solid, well-built roof deck provides ample support for up to two shingle roofs (one on top of the other). Roof decks must be inspected and maintained to keep out rot, moisture, and insect damage.  


Shingle roofs are not waterproof. They are water resistant. They sit on underlayment, which is a waterproof roll of either felt or synthetic fabric which seals around nails and staples, preventing water from entering the sheathing. 

Good underlayment is like a raincoat for your roof. When contracting for a new roof, never skimp on the highest quality underlayment your budget can afford.

Though never seen, it is worth its weight in gold: without good underlayment, everything in your home could be waterlogged and ruined in a severe storm. 

Water and Ice Shield

The bottom three to six feet of your roof, plus all the valleys, is prime real estate for water and ice damage. Good roofers counter nature’s attack with thick, self-adhesive material called water and ice shield. Ice dams stand no chance with this added protection. 

All the sensible, superb layers of a sleek new roof are only as good as the roofing crew installing them. Contact Victors Roofing today to ensure the one-two combination of great materials and highly trained crews.