Roof Maxx is not yet a household word, so many homeowners do not know what the process involves. Perhaps more important, they do not know the benefits of this revolutionary application. 

Step By Step

Your roof first receives a thorough tune-up, or conditioning, by our highly trained technicians. We seal pipe gaskets, assess chimney flashings, and perform whatever repairs are needed to prevent leaks. 

You may wonder why these steps are needed if we are going to apply a treatment to your shingles. Roof Maxx does not repair structural deficiencies. No matter how well the spray-on application performs, if holes exist in flashing, boots, underlayment or shingles, Roof Maxx will not seal those holes. 

Proper roof preparation is the first step in revitalizing your shingle roof. 

Your Role

You are the diligent homeowner, eager to ensure your roof is at its best. Good! You have fulfilled your role! You can stay at home or leave during the application. The low-odor application is plant-based and soaks in readily to your fiberglass-asphalt shingles. If you stay for the “show,” you will see a transformation in your shingles from dull, dingy and worn-looking to rich, colorful and new-looking!

We do ask that you remain inside during the spray process. The entire job may take as little as an hour for cozy cottages, up to several hours for more prominent properties. 

As the Roof Maxx application is sprayed on your home’s shingles, it soaks in, often in only 30 minutes. Once on, it remains embedded in the shingles, helping to restore water resistance, color saturation, and longevity. 


Roof Maxx is derived from soybean oil; no cleanup is needed! Overspray on landscaping washes away harmlessly in the next rain. Roof Maxx presents no safety issues and no long-term health concerns. 

Why Roof Maxx Matters

In these days of “lifetime” warranties, why should you worry about extending the life of your home’s shingle roof? If your roof is near the end of its useful life, Roof Maxx offers years of additional service for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. If your roof is young, one application of Roof Maxx can keep it young, saving you expensive maintenance and repair. 

Choose a local, reliable roofing specialist to prepare and treat your roof with Roof Maxx. Contact us at Victors Roofing today to learn more about this inexpensive alternative to a new roof.