Rain gutters are an important component of your roof. They allow you to direct rain water away from your foundation and are an essential rain harvesting system. They also minimize the problems you can experience with ice dams during the winter season. The original residential gutter systems were sectional; they consisted of straight sections and various connector components. Where the sections intersected, the sections were soldered or a sealant was used to keep rain water contained.

The problem with sectional systems is that every seam is a potential point of failure. Today a better choice is available — seamless gutters. These are usually made from aluminum, allowing straight runs of varying lengths as dictated by the dimensions of your roof line. The only inevitable seams are at the corners and at the downspouts.

Benefits of Going Seamless vs Sectional

  • Unlike the earlier galvanized metal that would eventually rust out, today’s aluminum seamless gutters are extremely weather-resistant.
  • Your gutter’s finish is baked on rather than simply painted, making them much less likely to peel or to be affected by the weather and the expansion and contraction caused by the changing seasons. Many colors are available to complement or match the finish of your home. If you decide to paint your home a different color, seamless gutters can be repainted.
  • They are compatible with a variety of standard gutter guards, which will minimize the chore of cleaning them out.
  • Eliminating seams also eliminates an earlier problem with sectionals in that every section juncture point was essentially a “mini-dam” which trapped debris which continued to build up, impeding the flow of water.
  • The aesthetics of seamless systems are more attractive due to a more uniform look.
  • The return on investment over time is much better. Although seamless gutters might mean a slightly larger investment going in, the cost and time involved in maintenance and semi-annual cleaning (especially if you hire someone) is greatly minimized.
  • Installation is efficient and time-efficient.
  • Due to the nature of the material, there is minimal concern about scrap generation and disposal; this makes seamless gutters a much more green and sustainable choice.

If you are considering upgrading your sectional system or looking for an initial seamless installation in the Canton/Ann Arbor, MI area, contact your local professionals at Victors Roofing for a free evaluation and estimate. We are truly a family business, and we will treat you that way.

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