Victor – CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer

Born in Ukraine, Victor moved to Michigan with the rest of his family in December of 1996. Victor received a good example of hard work through his father Vladimir, who took the risk of moving to a new country to better the life of his family through hard work in the roofing industry.

Victor was an A student in school almost without effort. His parents had high hopes for him to pursue any career he wanted. One summer, his dad had him helping with roofing projects thinking that the hard work would inspire him to put more effort into his education. In Victor’s case, it backfired because he fell in love with roofing.

Victor spent the rest of his summer breaks from school working with his dad. After graduating, he worked full time for the next 3 years learning from the best of the best and formed Victors Roofing in 2008. Now, as the CEO of the area’s most reputable roofing company, Victor enjoys teaching and guiding his team to the same standards that he was taught at a young age.

Outside of work, Victor enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, Katie, Julia, and Victor Jr. While driving to Church on Sundays, Victor likes to point out every home that his team did the roofing on.

My Hobbies: Powersports
Favorite TV show(s): Blacklist
Favorite book(s): EntreLeadership
Hidden Talent: Play Piano
Favorite song to sing in the car/shower/a karaoke contest: God’s Country
Favorite ice cream flavor: Peanut Butter Cup
Superhero I identify with: Hulk – Angry side, not looks
Best place I’ve ever visited: Turks and Caicos Island
Dream vacation: 4 week trip to Europe
How I would spend my perfect Sunday afternoon: Relaxing with the family
Best thing about working at Victors Roofing: The people