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Is a Tear-off Necessary for My Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement is a huge endeavor for a homeowner.  Often, you may wonder whether it is necessary to have your roofing contractor go through the whole process of tearing off the old roof. Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply install the new shingles over the old?  Here’s some information to point you in [...]

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How to Choose the Right Shingle

For homes in and around Canton, Michigan, our Southeast Michigan service area, or pretty much anywhere else in the Midwest, the primary choice of roofing shingles include: 3 tab shingle, architectural shingle, or designer shingle. But how do you choose which is best for your home? What is the difference in shingles besides the price? [...]

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Significance of the 5 Year Milestone

The roofing industry has an unfortunately well earned reputation for fly by night companies that are less than trustworthy, to put it mildly. Fortunately, homeowners also have the opportunity to receive a pleasant experience with true roofing professionals and peace of mind by not having to worry about leaks. […]

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Are my gutters going to be left clean after the job?

Absolutely, we actually clean your gutters twice! Your gutters are cleaned by hand after your old roofing material has been torn off, followed by a leaf blower to remove fine debris. After installation of the new roofing material, another cleaning is performed and your gutters are cleaned a second time. […]

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How many nails are used per shingle?

Most shingle manufacturers recommend at least four nails per shingle and six in high wind areas such as Florida and Oklahoma. That answers the question about the minimum number of nails and we're sure you realize that the minimum will be good enough for fast buck roofing companies, plus they'll use the cheapest roofing nail [...]

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What is synthetic underlayment and why is it better than felt paper?

Synthetic underlayment is a high tech, high performance layer of material installed prior to the shingles on areas of the roof decking not covered by ice and water shield (the importance of ice and water shield covered in another post). The purpose of underlayment is to absorb asphalt from the shingle and provide an extra [...]

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What happens if damaged roof decking is found during the installation?

First of all, surprises are very rare. After more than a decade of full time roofing, we can usually identify trouble in advance and accurately predict what to expect. The inspection of your roof before providing a proposal is quite extensive and includes an attic inspection whenever possible. Attic inspections are very telling. If there [...]

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