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How to Choose the Right Shingle

For homes in and around Canton, Michigan, our Southeast Michigan service area, or pretty much anywhere else in the Midwest, the primary choice of roofing shingles include: 3 tab shingle, architectural shingle, or designer shingle. But how do you choose which is best for your home? What is the difference in shingles besides the price? [...]

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Significance of the 5 Year Milestone

The roofing industry has an unfortunately well earned reputation for fly by night companies that are less than trustworthy, to put it mildly. Fortunately, homeowners also have the opportunity to receive a pleasant experience with true roofing professionals and peace of mind by not having to worry about leaks. […]

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New Location: Canton, Michigan

Victors Roofing has been serving Canton, Michigan since the company started 6 years ago, but now we’ve expanded to include a new field office and facility there to serve the community and surrounding area even better. This change improves our capacity to stock roofing materials and retain our fast turnaround times even with increased work [...]

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Are my gutters going to be left clean after the job?

Absolutely, we actually clean your gutters twice! Your gutters are cleaned by hand after your old roofing material has been torn off, followed by a leaf blower to remove fine debris. After installation of the new roofing material, another cleaning is performed and your gutters are cleaned a second time. […]

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How do you protect my home from damage during the roofing installation?

If you'll permit us one little boast, protecting your home during a roofing installation is on our list of things we are most proud of and where we make extra effort to outshine the other roofing companies. Every home is different when it comes to setting up for a new roof so we don't have [...]

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