The roofing industry has an unfortunately well earned reputation for fly by night companies that are less than trustworthy, to put it mildly. Fortunately, homeowners also have the opportunity to receive a pleasant experience with true roofing professionals and peace of mind by not having to worry about leaks.

The difference is all in the roofing contractor you hire: Have they been in business for 5+ years?

The five year milestone is NOT a magic cure or a tell all means of sorting out the good from the bad, but it is a very significant factor.

Industry Statistics

One reason alone that it is so significant is found in an industry statistic. If you were to look up a 5 year old directory of local roofers, more than 80% of them are no longer in business. That’s not just the last 5 years either; in any five year period, 4 out of 5 roofers will go out of business. You have good reason to be apprehensive about your roof if the guy who did it won’t be around in 5 years.

Although the five year test doesn’t automatically mean they are a good roofing company, companies that have been in business for 5+ years have risen far above the average and it helps provide stronger assurance they care about the longevity of your roof. It is a definite score in their favor when you are looking for a reputable roofing company.

In fairness though, every great roofing company starts out being less than five years old. We would never advocate judging them strictly on age any more than we would pretend every company over 5 years old is a good choice. It’s simply a good indicator and you have valid reasons to be cautious about all roofing companies.


Experience however is crucial. Even a “younger” roofing company needs to have well experienced staff. With all the well established roofing companies to train with, there’s no excuse not to have experience. One of the reasons roofing is so plagued with bad stereotype is the number of “roofers” who are nothing more than a guy with a truck who couldn’t find a job.

If you want the roof on your home to last more than 5 years, you’ll do well to scrutinize the company providing the roofing installation and the people working for them. If the staff have been with the company less than 5 years and/or have less than 5 years experience, that’s a good indication they have failed an important test you need to be giving them.