Victors Roofing will conscientiously clean up the work site after every repair or replacement project.  However, we do not guarantee that we find every stray nail.

We do however use meticulous methods to assure your yard and driveway are free of loose nails. After the final cleanup, we sweep your property with two different magnets to remove loose nails. A small, handheld magnet is used around shrubbery and flowerbed areas. A larger, roller magnet on wheels is run completely around the perimeter of your home to make sure the yard is free of loose nails.

Our cleanup process on your roof and gutters includes hand cleaning and a leaf blower to remove loose debris and nails. However, it is possible that a nail could be missed, particularly if it goes unnoticed or partially down a downspout without clearing the end to be removed during ground cleanup.

We always advise you keep an eye on downspout areas the first few times it rains to assure that any such potential stray nails don’t end up in your driveway or other areas where they may be a problem.