Elephant washing is surprisingly easy. Use a power washer, ask the elephant to lie down, and scrub-a-dub it clean with a brush and soapy water. Really. Washing a roof? Much, much harder. To begin, no pressure washer! 

Why Wash?

Why do you need your Canton-area home’s roof washed? You may want your roof washed for two reasons:

  1. Cosmetic — Algae and dark-colored streaks drive down curb appeal, but do no structural damage to a residential roof
  2. Structural — Moss can do damage to some roofs, especially shingle roofs, so moss removal is a good and valid reason to have your roof washed by professional roofers 

If you have fallen debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches, a professional roofer with adequate safety equipment can sweep your roof clean. You should not go on the roof due to the risk of a fall. 

A clean roof is desirable, but make certain you know why you want your roof washed. Algae and dark streaks are best dealt with using a 50-50 solution of water and bleach, with a soft scrub brush and plenty of gentle rinsing. Moss must be physically lifted off, then the rhizoids (rootlike parts) brushed off. 

Who Washes?

Leave roof cleaning and maintenance to trained professionals. A fall from a  roof could land you in the hospital. Roofers have the fall arrest equipment, training, and proper tools for roof cleaning. 

No homeowner should ever venture out onto a roof due to the risk of a fall, the slippery nature of shingle, tile, and metal roofs, and to the possibility of doing real damage to your own roof. 

Wash How?

At the start, we said not to use a pressure washer. It’s a fine tool for washing your elephant, but a pressure washer can cause serious damage to most roofs.

High-pressure water, at 1,000 to 1,900 pounds per square inch (PSI) will tear through a fiberglass composite shingle or drive water underneath the shingles. It can snap a ceramic tile, or loosen mechanical fasteners of metal roof panels. 


You may need to consider roof replacement rather than roof cleaning if the damage is more than cosmetic. An older roof may not be worth the expense of cleaning when replacement will give you 20 or more years of useful life. 

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