Seamless gutters are just what they sound like–gutter systems without seams! And they have a lot of benefits over standard gutters. To begin with, no seams mean no leaks. Water is carried away from the house without any water leaking out and infiltrating the foundation area of your home. The seamless systems are strong and maintain the integrity of the gutters overall. Strong winds, expansion, and contraction have little impact on seamless gutters. If you’re curious about these systems, take a look at answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What are seamless gutters made from?

As is true with any product, there are a variety of options, but you can often find seamless gutters in aluminum, vinyl, or even galvanized steel. The higher quality the material, the longer it lasts and the fewer problems you will have with it down the road.

How do the rain gutters attach to the house?

Seamless rain gutters attach to the home with a virtually invisible system that tightly secures the spout to the gutter with interior or exterior brackets. With wood screws to secure the system, the steel gutter hanger enhances the look of the spout and is stronger than other, more lightweight systems. With the use of screws over nails, there is much less of a chance of a gutter coming loose in a high wind.

What colors do the gutters come in?

If your house is already painted and you like the color, chances are you can find the color you need. With a variety of color options, you can get something standard or something customized to match your home.

Are there warranties?

Any quality product has a warranty to stand behind it and seamless gutters have great warranties. With seamless gutters, you get an 18-month warranty on workmanship on all installations and a 30-year warranty on the materials, when they are installed by Victors Roofing.

If you’re looking for a gutter that not only protects your house better than what you currently have but also helps you to enhance your home’s appearance, then seamless gutters may be the way to go. Simply contact Victors Roofing with all of your questions and concerns. If you haven’t figured out everything you need to know from the most frequently asked questions, we’re happy to answer more until you are comfortable with the idea and even the installation process!

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