The Southeast Michigan area gets a considerable amount of rainfall and windy conditions, especially during spring and fall. 

Having a dependable gutter system is essential for ensuring that rainwater runoff is directed away from your home, which lowers the risk of leaks and other problems. A seamless gutter system with leaf protection is a highly effective way to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging up gutters while also reducing the risk of water damage. Consider investing in one of the following seamless gutter systems for your home.

Strainer Style Leaf Protection

Strainer style leaf protection systems are designed to keep leaves, pine needles and other debris out of gutters while also letting water pass through them. These protection systems have the durability to handle heavy rainfall and are resistant to rusting and other damage. Strainer style leaf protection systems are installed on top of seamless gutters with a secure fit that keeps them in place. These systems also have a low visibility, so that they’re not easily noticeable from the ground.

Helmet Style Leaf Protection

Helmet style leaf protection has a ribbed surface and nose-forward design that allows rainwater to pass through seamless gutter systems while ensuring that debris falls to the ground. This protection system, which is made from lightweight aluminum, is sturdy enough to handle rough storms in the Southeast Michigan area and is held firmly in place with aluminum alloy brackets. The finish on these protection systems is designed to withstand corrosion and fading, which helps maintain its appearance over the years.

Leaf Shelter Gutter Protection

This seamless gutter protection system is designed to slide under roof shingles rather than having to be screwed to them, which means it does not affect or invalidate your roof warranty. Leaf Shelter gutter protection has a low-profile appearance that matches your gutters, so it won’t have a negative impact on the overall look of your home’s exterior. This protection system is made to handle heavy downpours and overlaps seamless gutter edges instead of holding and trapping debris in these areas.

A seamless gutter system with leaf protection helps prevent debris from building up in your gutters and reduces the risk of roof leaks. Contact Victors Roofing to learn more about the systems we offer for your Southeast Michigan home.

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