Gutter systems are an important part of your roofing system, helping direct runoff from your roof away from your home’s foundation. There are many types of gutters available for homeowners in the Canton area – although the best on the market are now seamless gutters.  If you are considering a gutter replacement, here are some of the many advantages of seamless gutters:

Seamless Gutter Replacement

Seamless gutters are designed specifically for your home. The only real seams are located at the corners and joints (whereas other gutter types have seams every 8 ft or so apart).  This provides a functional reliability advantage, in addition to an increased aesthetic appeal.  With little or no seams to leak or come apart, seamless gutters offer increased protection for your walkways and foundation.

How They Are Made

Seamless gutters are actually formed on location. Gutter material comes in rolls which is custom machined right at your home. Each “run” along your roof lines is made to the exact size you need. This makes it significantly less labor intensive in addition to performing better—a double win for you.

By comparison, traditional gutters come in 8′ sections which must be joined or “seamed” together to achieve the length needed. In addition to the difficulty of preventing leaks in these seams, the material is preformed and must be handled and transported carefully.

Increased Performance

Seamless gutters offer another distinct performance advantage due to a normal occurrence on your roof. Over time, small amounts of the granules from your shingles end up in the gutters. Gutter seams trap these deposits, then collect airborne dust to form mud and muck which inhibits the free flow of water to your downspouts. Without seams, gutters perform better and require less frequent cleaning.


Like everything else about your home, proper installation is key. Directing the water run-off to reduce the risk of basement flooding or other types of structural damage to your home is crucial. Our team at Victors Roofing is skilled at ensuring the water runoff from your roof is directed away from the foundations of your home.

If you would like more information on gutter replacement by Victors Roofing, contact us today.

Gutter Replacement by Victors Roofing