Your Canton-area home needs new gutters, but now you have to choose between seamless and seamed gutters. Just what is the difference between seamless gutters and regular gutters? What’s the big deal?

Big Box

The big deal about regular gutters is they are almost exclusively available only from big box home improvement stores. Professional roofers and gutter installers no longer offer seamed gutters. 

This leaves you with the painful choice of installing regular, seamed gutters yourself. Do you have a metal brake? Do you have experience with sheet metal screws, rivets, and tin snips? How many bandages do you have in your medicine cabinet? 

Seamed gutters at your home improvement store are generally made from thin metal in one color. If you like white, great. If you are handy with hand tools, great. If you own all the right tools, fantastic. If you know how to pitch a gutter 1/2 an inch in ten feet, wonderful. 

If, though, you don’t own the tools, are concerned about safety and ladders, or don’t want white gutters, go with the big boys. Go big with seamless gutters installed by professionals

Big Difference

The big difference between regular, seamed gutters you install yourself and professional, seamless gutters is those seams. Seamless gutters are custom-formed right on the site of your home, using advanced equipment and a nearly endless roll of rugged, thick gutter metal in your choice of color. Each section is as long as the portion of your roof it protects. 

If you factor in convenience, longevity, durability, curb appeal, and the boost to your home’s value, seamless gutters installed correctly by trained professionals cost just about the same as the clunky, pieced gutters from your home improvement store.

Add in the safety of having professionals perform the risky work of installing gutters on second or third floors of your Canton-area home, and you have an extensive list of significant differences between seamed and seamless gutters. 

Big Protection

Seamless gutters eliminate leaf-catching seams along their runs. Gutter installers have seams only at turns and downspouts. These seams are professionally assembled to prevent leaks and increase gutter performance. Seamless gutters protect and beautify your home far better than do-it-yourself seamed gutters. 

Victors Roofing has roofing in our name, but gutters are part of your roof, so we handle them, too! Contact us today to learn more about seamless gutters, gutter repairs, and flawless gutter installation.