The roof isn’t always something you think about–until it starts leaking and causing issues. But when you live in Michigan, the roof is your first line of defense against the cold, snowy conditions that come around every winter and the leaks that can occur in the spring with the snowmelt. Instead of hoping for the best, get a roof inspection. Here are just three of the reasons you’ll want to schedule an inspection that could save you money on your household budget over time.

Reason 1: Enhance Energy Efficiency

Your roof does a lot to insulate your home and keep the warm air in and the cold air out during the winter months. It also keeps your home cool in the summer so that your HVAC unit does not have to work as hard to keep up. If there are any leaks, holes, or other issues, an inspection will point them out and allow you time for repairs. Once the roof repairs are complete, your home will operate more efficiently and waste less money during every season of the year. You may even save money on your energy bills due to the inspection.

Reason 2: Catch Small Things

Little leaks don’t seem like a big deal, but things get more serious when you pile quite a bit of snow or water on top of them. Leaks that are not repaired can cause a large number of problems. The first of these problems will likely be to your roof decking. If the decking layer of your roof sits with water on top of it, it will begin to rot. This water not only poses a threat to your checkbook in terms of roof repair but also because of the lack of protection it affords to the interior of your home. If the leak continues, water will travel into your attic, causing mold growth, ruining your insulation layer, and potentially affecting drywall in the rooms beneath the attic. All of these items can become quite expensive to fix. Use a roof inspection to catch minor issues and get them fixed before disaster hits. That way, you aren’t stuck with a pile of bills because the roof failed when a small problem suddenly grew much larger.

A roof inspection is generally free and if there are any repairs needed, they won’t cost nearly as much as something significant that could come up down the road if you ignore the roof. You never want to spend money on repairs if you don’t have to, but when given a choice, you’d probably much rather pay for minor repairs than more significant issues that could have been avoided.

Reason 3: Save Money With Warranties And Insurance Claims

Regular inspections can also save you money with manufacturer’s warranties and will definitely save you hassle with insurance companies. Roofing material manufacturers offer warranties based on the criteria that certain conditions are maintained on your roof. It is much easier to prove this if you have a reputable roofing company that comes to inspect your home and provide documentation that will prove the criteria have been met. 

The same is true when it comes to insurance companies. Showing that a roofing company inspected your roof, the date, and the condition in which they found it can go a long way in speeding up a claim should it ever become necessary after damage of any kind. 

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