Let’s start with the most important note: never, ever climb up onto your Michigan home’s roof. Roofs are dangerous places. So stay off the roof and call the professionals — us! Watch us apply these three essential safety steps in everything we do. 

Step One: We Follow National Safety Regulations

Some businesses moan about the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and its regulations. We don’t. We know safety regulations are in place to protect our workers. After all, roofing is the second-most dangerous profession for slips, trips, and falls, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Good roofing contractors understand and follow all applicable OSHA guidelines for safe handling of materials, navigating dangerous steep-slope roofs, and keeping the job site safe. 

Victors Roofing is conscientious in following federal and state regulations to keep our roofing crews safe, happy, and on the job. The reason is simple: safety is the first priority in everything we do. Safe workers are productive workers. 

Step Two: We Provide Proper Safety Equipment

Besides personal protective equipment (PPE) like dust masks, safety goggles, hardhats, gloves, reflective vests, and knee pads, roofers need special fall arrest gear. 

This gear is like a large climbing harness, with a carabiner to connect the roofer to a safety line. The safety line anchors either to the roof ridge or around something immovable, like your home’s chimney. The fall arrest gear prevents a slip on a slippery roof from becoming a hospital visit or worse. 

Good roofing contractors provide fall arrest gear to all their rooftop workers. Victors Roofing makes sure all the safety gear is in excellent working condition for every job, big or small. 

Step Three: We Train Our Workers Well

All the regulations and protective gear in Michigan will not keep roofers safe if they don’t know how to work safely. At Victors Roofing, we train our workers well in safety behaviors and the proper use of all the equipment. 

Training is also ongoing since we are privileged to send our crews to manufacturers’ factories for factory training in the latest techniques. Just about every seminar or workshop includes some discussion of safe work habits. We reinforce the safety message at headquarters as well. 

Please contact us today at Victors Roofing in Southeast Michigan. We take safety seriously, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about the safety guidelines we implement on every job of every size.