Since the picture above provides a spoiler for our answer, allow me to share my experience and reasons for the recommendations we make. Besides, there is no one size fits all answer. We definitely use CertainTeed more than any other shingle, but it’s not always that simplified.

The fact is, we install many types of shingles from various manufacturers and our hands on experience with these products is extensive to say the least. When we answer this question upon evaluating your roof, we’ll be able to make a recommendation specifically suited to your needs, budget, and home structure.

A question I frequently get about what shingle is the best bang for the buck, CertainTeed LandMark is the hands down winner among the products on today’s market. This position is rooted in something my own father, a lifelong roofer, always told me. He said, “Don’t install it on their home, if you wouldn’t install it on yours first.” For this reason alone, we are big fans of CertainTeed.

CertainTeed as a company has been making shingles since 1904 and their LandMark line has been on the market for decades with an outstanding reputation for performance and proven track record with very few issues. As an added bonus, they are USA made in Milan, Ohio, not all that far from our Southeast Michigan service area.