Earlier this year, Victors Roofing and our key team members became CertainTeed ShingleMaster certified. Only certified installers can offer the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System.

If you request a roofing evaluation from Victors, you’ll automatically be provided with a clear understanding of what the Integrity Roof System is, how it benefits you, and cost options on your choices of roofing. This brief overview is provided for discerning homeowners who choose to explore on their own so they can be better prepared to interview roofing contractors.

The short answer to what the Integrity Roof System is: a superior roof system fully warrantied for 50 years.

Before we go any further, every roofing project we do is guaranteed leak free for a minimum of 12 years and includes an inspection after 6 years to assure the longevity of the roof. The option to extend that warranty to 50 years is where the Integrity Roof System comes in.

Homeowners who choose the Integrity Roof System get added peace of mind because the installer has to prove their skill through testing and certification, and, CertainTeed is standing behind the warranty to cover everything, including labor, if the roof should ever fail. Victors has no intention of going out of business, but even if we did, you’d still be covered.

CertainTeed is willing to do this because they require the only products they can trust—their own! They also require only roofers they can trust—factory trained and certified. As explained in a previous post, one primary reason we use CertainTeed products is because it is what we use on our own homes. Getting certified was a natural extension of our confidence in the CertainTeed brand.

As the word system in Integrity Roof System indicates, it is a system of roofing products working together. Everything from the ventilation to underlayment and protection from wind driven rain and ice damming is part of that system. You are protected from everything Southeastern Michigan (or any other area) can throw at the roof on your home.

Every Integrity Roof System Victors installs includes the CertainTeed SureStart PLUS 50 Year non-prorated warranty coverage. We offer two options on the Integrity Roof System:

  1. Extended – This is the most popular because it provides the full 50 year coverage for only a modestly higher investment than our Basic Leak Free Roof System which is warrantied for 12 years
  2. Designer – This is our upscale roofing system for maximum curb appeal and home value

Unless you request otherwise, your roofing proposal from Victors will automatically include the price for the Basic Leak Free Roof System AND both Integrity Roof System options.