Down payments, deposits, final payments, etc.

Trust is at the heart of our business model. When you put your trust in us to install a roof on your home, we put our trust in you to get paid.

We do not require a down payment or deposit.

In fact, we highly recommend you to be wary of any contractor that does require a substantial deposit up front. More on that below, first, a brief explanation of our process and the exceptions that would require deposit money.

Victors is a financially stable company in excellent standing with our suppliers and we maintain a steady roster of multiple roofing projects at any given time. Our strong reputation means we are never desperate for money.

When your roofing project is complete, we do a final walk around with you. If any questions or concerns arise during that walk around, they will be addressed immediately. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, that walk around will assure everything is complete to your satisfaction and that’s when payment is due.

The exceptions to our no deposit required policy would be circumstances such as the need to special order designer shingles, custom skylights, and/or other non standard items, but you will be advised of any such exceptions in advance.

In addition to low price bait, another common trait among shady contractors is asking for large deposits up front. The roofing trade is especially plagued with these kinds of characters and falling victim to them is costly and painful. There is a high probability that your deposit money will be used to fund someone else’s roof hoping for another homeowner to finance your roof when and if they get to it.

Unfortunately, this warning comes dangerously close to scare tactics, but all those demonic contractor horror stories usually include both a low price on the project and upfront money as primary factors they have in common. You do very well to be extremely cautious.