The right roofing material for your Michigan home has a significant impact on the success of your roofing project. Two critical choices must be made at the beginning of any major residential roof replacement job. Do you know what they are? 

Second Choice

Believe it or not, selecting the right roofing material is really your second choice in having your Michigan home reroofed. Oh, you will have plenty of other decisions to make after this one, but it is very nearly the most important decision you have to make. 

Why be careful about roofing material choice? The right roofing material will pay off handsomely for, perhaps, 25 or more years. The wrong roofing material will cost you dearly, almost immediately. 

When selecting the right roofing material, consider these factors:

  • Invest in the highest level of quality your budget allows
  • Be realistic when comparing a superior roofing material to a less expensive alternative — if the quality item will last 25 years and the cheaper one will wear out in 15, you probably will get more life for less cost with the better material
  • Avoid fads in design and color — Nobody wants their house to stick out like a sore thumb; the tried and true earth tones and sturdy architectural shingles are timeless and hold value
  • Never skimp on the hidden layers such as underlayment, water and ice shield, flashing, and (if needed) replacement sheathing; invest in high quality from the rafters up
  • Do not be swayed by friends and family; work with your local, reliable roofer to select the best material for your needs, and take into account your budget, taste, and future resale plans 

First Choice

If selecting the right roofing material is your second-most important decision, what is your first? The right contractor.

A good contractor can take an economical three-tab shingle and install it with matchless precision and beauty.

A bad contractor can take the most expensive dimensional designer shingle and install it so horribly you feel ashamed to occupy the house beneath such a roof. 

Selecting the roofer first puts you on track to select the optimal roofing material for your Southeast Michigan home. The best roofers have affiliations with the best roofing material manufacturers. They offer the strongest warranties and best workmanship. 

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