A roof is one of the main things that keeps your life balanced and safe & secure, you live under it! So, when it suddenly fails, it can be a major issue for you and your family. Whether it is a problem that is contractor based or weather related, a failing roof is definitely no fun for anyone involved.

Collapsed Roof Due to Snow

Late at night, in the dead of winter, your roof caves in under the weight of snow from the recent storm. You thought you would just brush it off tomorrow, but your roof would not hold for the remainder of the night. What do you do? Who should you call?

Although, a collapsed roof is a problem that is not very common, it could happen very easily. About 3-4 feet of heavy snow piled on your roof is when it will start to become dangerous. To prevent a roof from collapsing under snow, purchase a roof rake. A roof rake is specifically made for removing snow from your roof. So don’t forget to get the snow off of your roof before it becomes a major problem.  Click on the link to read: Prevent Roof Collapse on Homes

Inexperienced/Scam Contractor

You have invested in a new roof with a considerable amount of money for the project. It was certainly needed and you trusted your roof contractor and you were happy with the work that was completed. Now, two weeks after the final payment was settled, the new roof starts to leak in the worst place possible. You call your contractor hoping they will come back and fix their problem, but they don’t answer your calls.  Click on the link to read: How to Deal With a Bad Contractor – Money – US News …

If a disaster has taken over your roof, call a reputable roofing company like Victors Roofing in Southeast Michigan for a free estimate. For more information on installing a quality roof on your home, contact our team at Victors Roofing.

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