A new roof brings with it a new roofing warranty. How does it work? You scratch your head and ask, “How does my roof warranty work? Is it valuable?” You are unlikely to wring answers from the tiny legalese you see. Your nearby residential roofer can help. 


A roof warranty is an insurance policy for the roofing materials used to protect your Michigan home. Manufacturers of roofing materials — Atlas, for example — warrant, or insure, their products against defects. This coverage is nearly universal among the biggest, best makers of roof products. 

Wait, There’s More!

Warranties can provide additional protections:

  • Installation warranties —The contractor or materials manufacturer ensures the roof against installation errors, covering costs for repair or replacement.
  • Labor warranties — The manufacturer pays for labor on any corrective action needed due to manufacturing defects or installation errors.

How Long?

A sturdy, economical shingle roof will generally last around 20 years. Manufacturers offer warranties of varying lengths, based on several factors:

  • Price line of the shingle — A budget-friendly three-tab shingle will have a shorter coverage period than a deluxe architectural shingle.
  • Roofing system — Warranties are more robust when all of a manufacturer’s components are used, so installing Atlas underlayment, starter shingles, ridge shingles, and field shingles can provide extended protection than buying just one part.
  • Installer — Manufacturers offer their strongest, longest-lasting warranties only to the very best contractors.

Many warranties are pro-rated, meaning their value decreases over time. You can find the complete terms in the warranty. Many manufacturers offer “plain English” language and legally binding wording. Your warranty is valuable, so read it carefully and keep it handy. 

Use It!

A roof warranty is a valuable piece of paper, but it will do you no good unless you use it when a problem arises. All manufacturer warranties have a contact number for making a claim. If the warranty is provided by your residential roofer, contact them. 

Never delay in exercising a warranty! Time works against you when your roof is leaking. Your local roofer is an excellent resource for understanding the value and details of all roof warranties. 

Your roofer’s representative will be happy to explain your rights and responsibilities under warranty.

Protect your home in southeast Michigan by enlisting Victors Roofing for all your residential roofing needs. Contact us today, and we can help you better understand your roof warranty, your home’s roof, and your options for partial or complete roof replacement.