You have a right to be skeptical. Homeowners are so often teased and tormented by empty promises, we are leery of so-called “guarantees” about products meant to improve our lives and homes. We show you a new product, Roof Maxx, and you immediately ask, “How long does Roof Maxx last?”

Money Pit?

Our Canton-area homes are not money pits. At least, we don’t want them to be, right? Yet a typical reroof with America’s #1 residential roofing material, fiberglass-asphalt shingles, costs $8,040 according to Home Advisor.

Shingle roofs routinely last 20 years. A shingle roof breaks down from ultraviolet rays degrading chemicals in the asphalt, cold temperatures making shingles brittle, and heat evaporating the small amounts of oils in the asphalt.

Aging varies, but most Michigan homes will suffer harsh winters, baking summers, and a lot of wear and tear on their shingle roofs. Getting 20 years is average. Imagine getting 25, 30, or even 35 years from the same roof!

Roof Maxx

Doling out $8,040 every 20 years for a new roof may force you to nip and tuck on vacations, special occasions, or family gifts. Maybe the replacement means giving up other dreams, like a new bathroom suite.

With Roof Maxx, you save money by postponing a reroof or new roof. How? One soy oil-based application lasts five years. Your 20-year roof is now a 25-year roof for one day’s work and a small application cost.

When you hit the 25-year mark, a second application of Roof Maxx pushes new roofing costs back another five years. Now you have a 30-year roof.

And, finally, at 30 years, a third Roof Maxx application can add another five years to your shingle roof’s life.

For the minimal expense of three Roof Maxx spray applications, you can add up to 15 years to your Canton-area roof’s life.

Roof Maxx rejuvenates the shingles by adding oils back into the asphalt. Your roof is reborn; aging and weathering effects are stopped. The product is safe, soaks into the shingles in about an hour, and makes your roof look like new.

Victors Roofing respects our Canton-area clients. We know we have to earn your trust, and with a product like Roof Maxx, we are certain we can. Contact us online today to learn more about transforming your shingle roof with this economical, environmentally friendly application.