Extending the life of your roof can help you save money while keeping it in good condition so it continues to protect your home. Roof Maxx is an easy, economical way to extend your roof’s life for up to 15 years with a professional application every 5 years. It restores the oil in your fiberglass asphalt shingles to help them remain durable, flexible, and water-resistant.

Read on to learn why you can be worry-free about the possibility of it attracting squirrels and other pests.

What Roof Maxx is

Roof Maxx is a plant-based product made of food-grade soybean oil which quickly penetrates your roof. It’s completely safe for children and pets.

How Roof Maxx is applied

Professional roofers in Canton, Michigan can spray Roof Maxx onto your roof. It soaks into your roof within about 30 minutes. The spray is controlled by the roofers, but if there happens to be a little too much applied, it can be easily rinsed away with a hose or next time it rains.

Pests aren’t attracted

Although it’s oil-based, Roof Maxx doesn’t attract pests like squirrels and insects because it has no taste. And the product’s odor is light and smells similar to a cleaning product.

The fact that Roof Maxx doesn’t attract pests is extremely important. The last thing you want to put on your roof is something to draw them to your roof. Roofs can be damaged by insects when they lay their eggs and cause an infestation. Squirrels and other pests can also chew on parts of your roof and cause further damage.

Small pests are protected by eaves and overhangs, and any gaps will give them entry points into your attic and other parts of your home. They can cause substantial damage to your roof and the interior of your home if they make their way inside.

If pests are attracted to your roof and get inside your attic, they may live undisturbed if you rarely venture to this part of your home. They’re then able to chew on wires, insulation, and whatever else they run across.

Roof Maxx does not call pests to your roof – just another way it helps your roof last longer!

To learn more about Roof Maxx and how it can extend the life of your roof, contact Victors Roofing in Canton, Michigan today for a free estimate. Our team members will inspect your roof for signs of problems. We’ll then suggest the most effective, economical way to prolong the life of your roof and make sure it protects your home.